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Knock knock!  "I'll get it!" Supergirl's voice rang out. It didn't take long for her to reach the door, considering her powers.
"Hey, Donnie! You ready for our weekly sleepover?" Supergirl, or rather, Kara, considering she was in her civilian apparel, asked. Donna Troy, alias Wonder Girl, could not help but notice how well Kara wore her blue jacket over an eyecatching red t-shirt. Her muscles, worthy of an Amazon warrior, nicely filled it out, and her fine chest was covered without the slightest bit of cleavage, but it was still evident, a classy yet informal and confident outfit.  It was a very nice look. Donna, what are you doing? You are thinking those unprofessional and unplatonic thoughts again! Abort, and answer her darn question, you buffoon!
"Yes, and I've thought I've told you to not call me that ridiculous nickname." Donna replied as she entered the door. Smooth, Donna. Fall into the nice, safe routine of banter.
"And yet, wonders of wonders, I
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Still Alive Chapter 4: Family Problems
Pinkie woke up, but for once there was no leaping out of bed, no sudden awakening. Yesterday had been exhausting, even for her. And besides, she had a guest. At least, she hoped she had a guest. What if yesterday was all just a wonderful dream, thus becoming a cruel nightmare in the waking world, taunting her? She slowly looked over her side, hopeful yet apprehensive. Her worried face transformed into a large grin when she saw the smartie asleep. Wait, asleep? She looked Twilight over, and confirmed it. Her grin turned into a small smile.
It was so nice seeing her relaxed and at peace. There were no indication of the fervent worries of the day. Her ears were perked up, her tail jerked, and her mouth was twitched ever so slightly up. Awww. She must be having a good dream. I told her all she needed was a warm house! She quietly left her bed, going about her routine in a more subdued manner. She tiptoed to her mirror, beamed, and moved on to Gummy.
"You okay, Gummy
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Still Alive Chapter 3: Sweet Stories, Good Dreams
Pinkie was ... different, that Twilight noticed right away. She didn't trot or run to her home. No, Pinkie bounced. Every move she made was filled with energy and joy; Twilight had never seen a pony this happy. Twilight held back a snort. Considering what I've been through, I could use a little cheer.
Pinkie, meanwhile, was having similar thoughts, albeit in a more disorganized manner. Called it! I knew the new pony would be different, and boy, she really is! What was up with that going through her thing, though? Hmmmm.
Finally, the two arrived at their destination. "Welcome to Sugarcube Corner, Twilight! Here for all your sugary sweet needs!" Pinkie beamed at her.
Twilight raised an eyebrow at her. "You live in a bakery?"
"Yup!" Pinkie enthusiastically nodded.
"That ... makes a lot of sense, actually." Twilight shrugged it off.
"I have my own private room upstairs, and then you can tell me how you're doing that cool intangible trick! Oooh! Maybe you
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Still Alive Chapter 2: Enter Pinkie Pie
Pinkie woke up, but there was no gradual awakening, no slowly rising out of bed. Nay, because Pinkie did everything fast and exciting! It was a sudden thrust out of her dream (which she couldn't remember fully, but she was pretty sure it had to do with some evil vegetable ghosties. Did she giggle at them? She had a reputation to uphold after all, even in dreams) and into wild thought. She instantly leaped out of bed, landed on her feet, and took her daily deep breath. She was going to need it. Today was going to be special. She wasn't sure why; it wasn't any of the normal Pinkie Sense feelings, like a wiggle of the tail or her tongue curling into a M(a M, not a W, because Pinkie could roll her tongue into a W naturally and if she could do it all the time then it wouldn't be a special Pinkie Sense, silly!). No, it was a new one. She just knew, in the bottom of her heart, today was going to be special. Today was going to change everything! Well then, there's no sense in
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Still Alive Chapter 1: Trotting Equestria
Twilight woke up. No, that was wrong. She was conscious, but there was no gradual awakening, no slow rising out of bed. Instead, it had been a sudden thrust out of darkness, and into thought. She was standing in a white, clandestine room she immediately recognized as part of a hospital. There was a blue curtain in front of a patient's bed, meaning somepony was here. What's going on? What happened? Why am I here? Think, Twilight, think. She reached into her memory, tried to remember what led her here, but to no avail. The last thing she remembered was heading to the library and then.... nothing. The princesses had told her that she would be a political target, that insurgents would aim for her. They usually never got close due to a combination of the Princesses' high public approval and the fact that Shining Armor, her brother, led the royal guards. He made sure nopony got to her. Except, maybe they did. This hospital.... what if it's a rebel group's? What if they drugged me a
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Interdimensional Council of Doctors
Horse MD could hardly contain his excitement. Five new dimensions, filled with different variations of "humans" who may have who knows how many subtle differences between them and two new species altogether, each having sent their best doctors, and he was chosen to talk with them! He was admittedly a bit nervous, which was why he was standing behind the door they were waiting in, trying to ready himself. What if these doctors outclassed him? What if they thought him a fool? Alright, Horse, do not freak yourself out. You deserve this. This is a wealth of new scientific info! He suppressed the urge to squee like a doctor who did not have his discipline and class, and opened the door.
"Hello my colleagues!" he exclaimed as he entered, walking to the round table that held them. "While we may look different, I believe that inside we have the same scientific, inquisitive souls. That was why we were chosen, after all." He took a seat at the head of the table. "I am Dr. Horse, MD
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Fiery Rage
Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy collapsed side by side, exhausted by, yet still giggling at, the fun they had from their impromptu pillow fight.
"Dang, 'Shy, you're tougher than you look!" Dash laughed.
"Maybe. Or maybe, um, you're, oh I don't know, not as tough as you think you are?" Fluttershy said with a smirk, turning to face her.
"Ha ha. Very funny. You hurt my feelings. I'm not sure if I can even look you in the eyes anymore!" Rainbow declared, raising her hoof to her forehead in mock-offense and adopting a posh accent similar to Rarity's. Fluttershy rolled her eyes. Dash dropped her hoof and gave her a sincere smile. "Seriously though. Thanks for coming by and talking with me like that. It took a lot of guts to go up to a pony you thought hated yours, you know? I bet you did the same with Pinkie and Rare, right?" Fluttershy nodded. But she couldn't help but feel like she was forgetting something..... "Good thing it was just the three of us there." But it wasn't just the three of the
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Mutual Nightmares
Okay okay okay, don't panic don't panic! Think, Fluttershy. Where are you going? She had really just flown off to avoid Rarity's and Pinkie's disappointed looks. She was an awful, awful pony. How could she hurt her friends like that? How could she- No! No time for guilt, Fluttershy! You've caused this mess and you're gonna fix it! she mentally psyched herself up. She forced herself to focus. Dash's house is closer and I'm already in the air. So I'll go to her first. See, me! I've already got a plan. I can fix this, just you watch! Fluttershy couldn't restrain herself from smiling. Once upon a time, she would've panicked and been too much of a nervous wreck to fix things, but now she had found inner harmony. If she could fix herself, she could fix this thing with Dash, right? Despite her best efforts a little self doubt rose up again just as she arrived at Dash's house.
She landed, trotted up to the door, took a single large breath, and knocked. She considered speak
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Debate Between Me Myself And I
Fluttershy ran faster than she ever had before. She shut the door behind her, locking it before crumbling against it. She had to get out of there, she needed to think. What had she done? What had she said? Suddenly, overwhelming waves of regret and nausea washed over her as her mind replayed what she had said over and over and over again. What had she done?! She couldn't stop herself from puking in self-disgust. But even that didn't alleviate her self-hatred. Struggling to get back up on her feet, she desperately looked for something to support her, but instead she again collapsed, her face smashing against the floor. Slowly losing consciousness, her house faded away from her vision.
When she opened her eyes, her humble abode was replaced by darkness. There was nothing. Nothing until she heard slow trotting echo all around her and she slowly formed into view. Technically identical physically in almost every way to Fluttershy, with a closer insp
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Flutterrants Chapter 1 The Reason You Suck
Rarity and Pinkie ran off, crying. Fluttershy honestly didn't know why. She had only been telling the truth. They just wanted the old Fluttershy back. The one they could walk all over and laugh at. The one Pinkie would pat on the head, calling herself her aunt when Fluttershy's A YEAR OLDER THAN HER. Who was Pinkie to think she could do that, as if old Fluttershy was just a shy little filly and Pinkie was the big wise older sister to rescue her. Some big sister she would be anyway. Apparently, Gilda making her cry wasn't enough for Pinkie to stand up for her. She just threw one of her pointless, stupid parties for the Griffon. She had hoped that Pinkie was the one pranking Gilda, that someone else actually felt furious about what Gilda did. But nope, it was just Dash and a bunch of coincidence. They were probably thinking, 'Oh, you can't blame Gilda for making Fluttershy cry! That pony cries at the tip of a hat!' and then they'd laugh. Oh she could imagine the laughs at h
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His Little Frustration
"Bobbo, you can not be serious!" Bob Kelso has done many evil and/or stupid things, but he wouldn't do this to the hospital!
"Oh, but I am Perry. These are the Elements of Harmony, bosom buddies with Princess Celestia herself! Do you expect-" He suddenly drifted off, his face looking like an old man with idle memories, fondly recalling the days when he strolled through Pangaea with his pet T-Rex,  but to those who knew him, well, it was the sign of the perverted, depraved fantasies that only Bob Kelso could muster. I did the usual things to entertain myself while he was off in his happy place. I spat in his face, ruffled his hair, and the immature but nonetheless hilarious coup de grace, drew a mustache in the fine tradition of Dick Dastardly(a name that fit Kelso in more ways than one) on his face with permanent marker. Finally, he snapped out of it, shaking his head as if to clear those wicked thoughts. Course, he'll probably tell whatever Ze
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Her Little Accident
Twilight Sparkle
I'm usually a patient pony. After all, research takes time, effort, and a lot of luck. But that means I'm still active. Right now, I'm passive, alone on this hospital bed, awaiting news of my prognosis, visits from my friends, and whether or not- whether or not Spike is okay. The same guilt that was plaguing me since I got here rose up again and I couldn't stop myself from seeing the accident again.
It was supposed to be a normal trip to Zecora's. I was researching the Everfree Forest as a hobby, and Spike, being my undoubtedly number one assistant, insisted he'd go with me. I think he still felt guilty over the 'greed turning him into a giant dragon' thing. Oh, Spike. So he could be a little bratty sometimes. He was always loyal when you needed him to be, and that loyalty made up for his immaturity in spades. Anyway, we had stopped by the Ponyville cafe for a quick bite and then we were on our way.
"Geeze, Twilight," Spike began, chuckling, "you r
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My Little Visitors
I was walking on sunshine, baby! I had just met a cute new patient who was totally into me, was Celestia's personal student, loved Judy Blume books, and curbstomped Dr. Cox! She was my dream mare! I felt like nothing could dampen my mood. Now, it was time to check on her dragon, Spike was it? If I could heal her beloved friend, I was in! As soon as I turned the hall though, *SPLASH*. It was Janitor time.
"How's that for dampening your mood, huh? Or-or how's this one? It's a riddle! I know how much you love those! What's soaking wet and clueless? Your face!" The Janitor chuckled. "Overheard that one outside the town's library. Now, that was a crazy day. My mop decided to grow legs and run away. On a Saturday! For 15 years, she's only done that on Thursdays. Weird."  
Exposition time. The Janitor is, well, a janitor, but that underscores the sheer evil and crazy that lies within. Ever since my first day when he had become convinced that a penny that
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My Little Crush
It began normally enough. There were the random patients waiting to be admitted in the lobby and Dr. Kelso tormenting Ted, this time by using Ted's toupee to wipe some mud off his ass. Classy. Carla and Turk were talking, Carla doing that leaning over the counter thing, so I figured it was perfect time to play one of our favorite games.
"Hey, Turk! Let's play Find the Saltine!" Turk, being the good bro he is, instantly accepted, and turned to face me.
"Dude! You know I'm always up for Find the Saltine!" Turk put his game face on, scrutinizing my body with the keen eye of a detective.
"JD! Me and Turk were talking about something important!" Carla never understood the beauty of this game.
"Pshh, no we weren't baby! We were just talking about sex!" Carla hoofpalmed for no apparent reason. It seemed to me like Turk had his priorities in order. He returned to scanning me, completely focused. I took that time to stick my tongue out at Carla. After all, we all know Turk would always choose m
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My Little Scrubs: My Little Prologue
       Ah, Sacred Heart. A hospital with many names. Hellhole, the Loony Bin, Sacred Fart(My personal fav. That prank was classic!), etc. But, as awesome as Sacred Fart is, when you get down to it the second name is far and away the most appropriate. Don't believe me? Well, first you have me, JD, an unicorn  doctor with a wonderful blue palette and a cutie mark of a stethoscope. Sure, a surgical knife or a defibrillator would've been more badass,but I am proud of my stethoscope! It's a classic! Anyway, while I have boyish good looks and an ass like firm mutton, there are some who would look on my constant journeys into my head as "weird" or "crazy". It's ok, voice in my head. They just don't understand.
Then there's my best friend forever, Turk. A pegasus with an intriguing green color that reminds me of a serene grassland. I could get lost in that fur forever.... Where was I? Right! Turk's a surgeon who treats surgery almost like a g
:iconbookman230:Bookman230 13 4
What to Doo Without You Chapter 1, or a Daring End
Fantastic, Daring thought. Just fantastic. Tirac, the God of Destruction, had finally arisen to reclaim his land. She knew she should've suspected that old griffon healer of something. In her life, there are no such thing as crazy ponies or senile old coots, no, they always seers or Chosen Ones or once, an insane, pervert old pony turned out to be a retired secret agent of Celestia. She gave a nostalgic smile at that. He had his own, goofy charm, and had endeared himself to her. But he died a while back, a sad reminder of her own mortality. She figured she'd join him now. The artifact that released Tirac was ahead, and she was going to end this. She looked behind her at her merry band of misfits.
Derring, her dear older sister, looked smug as always, as she had successfully saved them all back at the last trap. Daring remembered all their conflicts, the harsh words, the competition. They had finally mended the bridge after the trials of unity, and she wished she could've
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Tonight is a sad night, for I have finished the show my greatest fic is based on. Scrubs. It's not the funniest show. Arrested Development would be that. But it has something beyond that. Beyond just comedy. It had that illusive quality that made or broke a show, and it had it beyond any other show I know. It had heart. Even during it's most Flanderized period(Seasons 6-7) they busted out that heart when needed. From the characters to the music, nothing was half assed. Cox, with his tablespoon of dirt, tablespoon of dirt, tablespoon of dirt, and pinch of sugar. JD, obviously. All of the main cast were terrific, but it gave the supporting cast the biggest attention I've ever seen. Kelso being the prime example. At first being the typical(but still magnificently hilarious) sitcom boss, he was at the heart of some of the show's deepest moments, that being the bad boss was a necessary, but draining, job. Him stepping down, him shaking JD's hand in the final episode, His Story, the episode where he goes with the many over the few and hides the pain from everyone else, all brought tears to my eyes. What other show gives such a character type that attention?

And the music. Best choice of music. I cannot count how many times the songs in that show have brought me to tears.

Speaking of tears, the finale. Oh god, that finale. And that final season. Most great shows peter out in that final season. Buffy, Angel, Heroes, etc. They run out of energy for that last trek. Not Scrubs. It's final season was it's best.It had a bigger heart than a gorilla, filled with the show's most human moments. And made JDxElliot not only tolerable, but amazing! The finale was the best I've ever seen. That hallway was bad enough, but that last fantasy was the worst I've cried at a show since Buffy's The Body. No better end for such a show.

Which is why there's no way in hell I'm watching the 9th season. How can you have Turk, Kelso, and Cox without Carla, JD, Jordan, etc? It's wrong. I'm not going to go through one season that everyone hates with a bunch of interns I won't connect with like I did the original cast, When I watched that finale, I felt like I lost friends. I'm not going to prologue their death. Sorry, Denise, I really loved ya, but not even you can get me to watch that.

In short, If you have Netflix/the Internet/access to a rental store/Hobo Herman selling it at your street corner than no excuses! WATCH IT NOW. I'm also more motivated than ever to finish My Little Scrubs so I can do this show justice! Now, time to watch the rest of HIMYM.


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If you haven't noticed, I'm a total brony, my favorites only occasionally combo broken by Doctor Who. While at the moment I'm completely focused on MLP, I am planning on some Mass Effect fics, including one that crosses over with Doctor Who, so keep an eye out for that.

Favorite Doctor:9th

Favourite genre of music: Depends on mood
Favourite cartoon character: Twilight Sparkle
Personal Quote: "All good things come to an end, but so must the bad".



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