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Tonight is a sad night, for I have finished the show my greatest fic is based on. Scrubs. It's not the funniest show. Arrested Development would be that. But it has something beyond that. Beyond just comedy. It had that illusive quality that made or broke a show, and it had it beyond any other show I know. It had heart. Even during it's most Flanderized period(Seasons 6-7) they busted out that heart when needed. From the characters to the music, nothing was half assed. Cox, with his tablespoon of dirt, tablespoon of dirt, tablespoon of dirt, and pinch of sugar. JD, obviously. All of the main cast were terrific, but it gave the supporting cast the biggest attention I've ever seen. Kelso being the prime example. At first being the typical(but still magnificently hilarious) sitcom boss, he was at the heart of some of the show's deepest moments, that being the bad boss was a necessary, but draining, job. Him stepping down, him shaking JD's hand in the final episode, His Story, the episode where he goes with the many over the few and hides the pain from everyone else, all brought tears to my eyes. What other show gives such a character type that attention?

And the music. Best choice of music. I cannot count how many times the songs in that show have brought me to tears.

Speaking of tears, the finale. Oh god, that finale. And that final season. Most great shows peter out in that final season. Buffy, Angel, Heroes, etc. They run out of energy for that last trek. Not Scrubs. It's final season was it's best.It had a bigger heart than a gorilla, filled with the show's most human moments. And made JDxElliot not only tolerable, but amazing! The finale was the best I've ever seen. That hallway was bad enough, but that last fantasy was the worst I've cried at a show since Buffy's The Body. No better end for such a show.

Which is why there's no way in hell I'm watching the 9th season. How can you have Turk, Kelso, and Cox without Carla, JD, Jordan, etc? It's wrong. I'm not going to go through one season that everyone hates with a bunch of interns I won't connect with like I did the original cast, When I watched that finale, I felt like I lost friends. I'm not going to prologue their death. Sorry, Denise, I really loved ya, but not even you can get me to watch that.

In short, If you have Netflix/the Internet/access to a rental store/Hobo Herman selling it at your street corner than no excuses! WATCH IT NOW. I'm also more motivated than ever to finish My Little Scrubs so I can do this show justice! Now, time to watch the rest of HIMYM.


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If you haven't noticed, I'm a total brony, my favorites only occasionally combo broken by Doctor Who. While at the moment I'm completely focused on MLP, I am planning on some Mass Effect fics, including one that crosses over with Doctor Who, so keep an eye out for that.

Favorite Doctor:9th

Favourite genre of music: Depends on mood
Favourite cartoon character: Twilight Sparkle
Personal Quote: "All good things come to an end, but so must the bad".



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